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SF Station blows it up

1. Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method @ Mezzanine, April 14th 2005
So the boys of the Crystal Method are once again on tour to promote their mix record Community Service II. As they dropped record after record the crowed went wild and so did they, so if your any were near a town or a city were these boys are next you should check them out and you'll have a blast. These boys are mad cool, and they can make a crowd scream and beg for more . . . <a href=""></a>;

2. Queens of the Stone Age private show @ Studio Live105, Metrion April 16th 2005.
Don't know what to say but OH MY GOD, Not only are these guys brilliant musician but I think if they wanted to they could do live stand up. But back to the music . . . listening to these guys unplugged in a room with 150 people is amazing. Josh Homme vocals even at 2 in the afternoon pull at you and pull you in to the world that the lyrics create . . . <a href=""></a>;

3. Album Leaf live on stage @ The Independent, April 19th 2005
Album Leaf what a funny name definitely didn't know what I was going to see. But when I got to the club and saw the hipsters that were hanging out I thought this might be interesting. The band came out and the place want dark I thought oh thats going to be rough when the only light in the club is from a video projector. As they played the Scandinavian influenced beats filled the air and made the club feel like it was floating on air. So I say go out and buy their record and just disappear. <a href=" "></a>;