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For A Ltd. Time

Like that time Brandon crashed his car on 90210, Ambulance Ltd. is under the influence. The difference is, the much-buzzed-about band's influences are of the talented sort: from the Beatles and The Smiths to My Bloody Valentineand Hall and Oates. A direct correlation to the group's singular musical mentor is as difficult to trace as DNA at a mafia crime scene. Hailing from opposite coasts of the country, plus one from Ireland for that icing-on-the-cake UK cred, the band members' diverse backgrounds could explain their nebulous multi-layered sound. Their talent, on the other hand, explains why the swirling melody-makers were selling out shows on the basis of their debut EP alone. Like an auditory version of those magic dot pictures, listeners hear different things in the literate, textured tunes; there's many a shout out to Britpop, the psychedelic 70s, 90s shoe-gazing and plain old New York Rock, but the band's distinctive chemistry is what qualifies them as an instant ear-pleaser.

Lead singer/guitarist Marcus Congleton and drummer Darren Beckett put together the unique pop outfit that is Ambulance Ltd, after being the last two men standing from the original incarnation, of the same name. As the naturally selected, the pair elected bass player Matt Dublin and guitarist Benji Lysaght to round out the foursome, and began laying the foundations from their base-camp, in New York City. In a twist of fate that is nothing less than rock de rigueur, Ambulance Ltd. had their breakout moment the same evening they nearly reached their breaking point, at a disappointing show at New York's now defunct club Brownies. Though the live reception to the show was under-whelming, an A&R rep from label TVT Records was in the audience, and caught on to the then-unnoticed hipsters.

Currently on tour to promote their debut album; a self-titled record with soundtrack-to-your-life potential (if your life was Sofia Coppola's next film), Ambulance Ltd. will undoubtedly play a set that replicates the track list of this first/only record. Look for standouts like the sultry "Primitive (the Way I Treat You)", the self-aware "Ophelia" and the summer-scented "Anecdote". These guys will surely be one of those "I saw them at Pop Scene when they were just getting big" stories you can stick in your rock show hall of fame rolodex. Catch them at the 330 Ritch venue before you have to be lawn-locked at Shoreline to get a glimpse, and verify Marcus Congleton's unbiased assessment; "Atmospherically, we kick ass," for your own musically-discerning self.