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AM - Future Sons & Daughters

Released by Filter US Recordings, AM Sounds, 8/11/09

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Hold on to your sunflower and your rose colored glasses because they’ll come in handy when digging through the nuggets of Future Sons & Daughters by AM. Mixing an airy vibe and psychedelic, classic rock rhythm crystallizes this album in its own vinyl groove. “A Complete Unknown” rings of bongos and organs mashed with lyrical intellectual sensibilities. “It’s Been so Long” could fit between Jefferson Airplane and the Beach Boys on radio rotation and you wouldn’t bat an eye. Chalk full of timeless harmony and resoundingly spacey vocals your ears will feel like they are brushing through the beaded curtain of yesteryear.

AM flexes philosophically in “Darker Days”. “It’s hard to hear the truth, you either listen or you treat it like disease”, speaks loudly as AM tries to express that even though you weren’t in the stormy forest, the fallen tree made a sound. “Leavenworth” chimes of isolation and AM’s songwriting deftness. The chorus and melody ring of true heartbreak synthesizing into the echo of an empty chamber. The modern poppy “When the Dust Settles” resets calibrations of the album back to groovy but only to return back with the self reflective ballad of “Endings and Beginnings”. AM sings, “I want to start but it’s so hard to begin, everybody’s racing but nobody’s winning.” These lyrics depict why most will be able to relate and enjoy Future Sons & Daughters.

Although the album can take a couple listens to color all the shapes of the musical picture, it grows more and more like a plant with more light shed on it. So grab your bean bag chair out of the attic put in AM, Jesse Nason, Cory Joseph, Chris Lovejoy, Derek Brown and Mark Getten’s latest work and finally finish those macramé plant hangers. It’s sunflower season once again.