Altar and Relic Swap, ALTARS Book Release

Event has passed (Fri Nov 2, 2012 - Fri Nov 2, 2012)
4 - 6pm
Literary, City, Books
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Join CCOOLL as they present their second release, ALTARS, a collective celebration of death. The event will be held at Edicola on Friday, November 2 -- Dia De Los Muertos. "This time of year is all about the state of hovering between two worlds, the living and the dead. There is something electrifying about the season. The idea that perhaps the veil between states of being is a little thinner sometimes, that maybe mystery still exists. That yesterday's magic is tomorrow's science. That there is power in the comfort of learning to laugh in the face of life's toughest shit."

Altars is the work of a variety makers and thinkers in the format of open participation. The variety of the honored shift in topics and forms, sincerity and humor, with the concept of "death" left open for interpretation.

Coinciding with the limited pre-release, CCOOLL invites all in attendance to participate in a collective Altar and Relic Swap. The trading of relics is the exchanging of small items with much significance to the original holder. The ideas of superstitious transference, historical substance, and new existence are strong elements in the passage of these small items. The collective altar is an open invitation to participate in the style of Dia De Los Muertos in honoring someone or something lost by simply adding a small item of significance or writing a message on the communal shrine.


  1. Edicola
    987 1/2 Market St., San Francisco, CA