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SF Warms Up Under the Crust
By Allecia Vermillion (Feb 19, 2010)
As we continue our love affair with all things cheap, casual, and comforting, savory pies — both cloth napkin and paper varieties — fit the ethos perfectly. More »
Tupac and Thai in the TL
By Allecia Vermillion (Dec 22, 2010)
Lers Ros opened in 2008 in the Tenderloin, amidst a stretch of Larkin Street home to a bevy of Vietnamese and Thai joints and nudie shows, but this Thai gem stands alone. More »
Hayes Valley’s Low-key Sushi Hangout
By Allecia Vermillion (Sep 22, 2009)
Otoro Sushi’s small dining room has managed to carve out a niche for itself in Hayes Valley as a less-expensive, drop-in spot that offers more exciting fare than standard rolls. More »
A Carton of Comfort Food
By Allecia Vermillion (Jul 21, 2009)
Ritch Street is an otherwise unassuming SoMa service alley turned culinary hotspot, courtesy of Little Skillet’s walk-up service window. This diminutive takeout counter, from the same folks behind Tenderloin soul food powerhouse Farmerbrown, dispenses decadent waffles, fried chicken and other locally sourced southern fare in a decidedly no-frills environment. More »
A View Towards a Better Meal
By Allecia Vermillion (May 04, 2009)
For years, the Cliff House was a place to take your out-of-town guests to marvel at the smashing ocean vistas over bland, overpriced crab cakes. More »
Tacos and Tequila without the Trends
By Allecia Vermillion (Jan 20, 2009)
The stream of shoppers and commuters who traverse Yerba Buena Lane’s pedestrian walkway could easily pass right by Tropisueno’s unassuming facade. The signage is subtle, but people who live and work in the area know there is some quality Mexican food on offer here, with unexpectedly low prices. More »
Allecia Vermillion's Articles
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