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All Aboard!

Electrelane: Axes (Too Pure), released on May 10, 2005

Axes takes us on a way out journey in the middle of the carnival of life. Their third album proves to be some of their best conceived work to date. If you've had a chance to see them perform already you're sure to appreciate the fact that this album was recorded live from start to finish in one sitting. Recorded by the all-knowing all-seeing Albini, the album twists and turns your wits and somehow ends up evoking long lost memories of child hood.

In a world where strong vocal accompaniment is often key to a band's rock star status Axes proves otherwise. "Gone Darker" sits you down on a trackless train winding through fields where you used to play hide and seek. The ever-faithful aggressive adult peeking out of your young shell shows full on in "Atom's Tomb". It would be hard to forget Electrelane's strong roots in playfulness with "Two for Joy" and "Business or Otherwise".

There is a crafty signature style that is apparent in all the tracks here that only help Electrelane feed their live sound on record more convincingly than a lot of other bands out there. It's as if they've found a real connection between the two that had been lost for some time. You can really get down, for real, with "Those Pockets Are People" bleeding into "The Partisan", which evokes an almost Iggy Popesque feeling, sans the old thin man.

In a world full of intellectual adult listeners there's bound to be a million or so who will repeat "bloody mary" in the mirror three times and see themselves staring back, with Axes in hand.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Electrelane plays June 16th in SF
Great American Music Hall co-headline w/Deerhoof