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After Midnight

Cinema Paradiso

Set in the innovative and architecturally fascinating Museum of Cinema in Turin, Italy, Davide Ferrario's About Midnight (Dopo mezzanotte) is a simple, age-old romance for people who love old films. One evening Martino (Giorgio Pasotti) rescues Amanda (Francesca Inaudi) from the police and keeps her safe within the palatial confines of the museum where he works as a night watchman. He loves to project random movie reels from the museum's vault onto the large screen in the cinema, and now he has a visitor to convert to the appeal of cinema's magical possibilities.

Meanwhile, Amanda's car-stealing boyfriend, Angel (Fabio Troiano), makes it safe again for her to emerge onto the street. But he doesn't count on her falling for Martino, who's a bit of a klutz. She wants them both. As each suitor - one passionate, the other timid - fights it out in the manner that suits him best, Amanda comes to realize that fate might be the best judge of who's most suitable. (Audiences will think the choice is obvious.)

With affectionate nods to Keaton and Truffaut, and interesting references to the flickering images of the Nickelodeon, About Midnight makes creative connections between history and storytelling.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars