After Dark

Event has passed (Thu Feb 9, 2017 - Thu Mar 2, 2017)
6pm - 10pm: Extended Cinemas
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Reinvent your Thursday nights at After Dark. Experience a fascinating array of unique, adult-only programs and events that change each week. Grab dinner by the Bay, play with hundreds of hands-on exhibits, crawl through our pitch-black Tactile Dome, sip cocktails, and explore.

Upcoming Events

April 7: Taste and Smell
Smell and taste are inexorably intertwined in us mammals, bound together with a fancy descriptor: “chemoreception.” And for the rather important purpose of eating, smell and taste combine to create flavor. Tonight you can discover a multitude of ways to appreciate your chemical perception abilities, their limitations, and even some of the strange newfound places where researchers have discovered that they come into play. We’ll provide a pleasing palate of olfactory and gustatory encounters to enhance your connection to your everyday perceptions.

May 5: Identity
Identify yourself: What defines you against, or within, the context of others? From cells to self-image, take a good look at the biological, psychological, and sociocultural circumstances of our individual and collective identities.

June 2: Strandbeest
Immerse yourself in the world of Theo Jansen’s strandbeests, and hear photographer Lena Herzog discuss her years documenting their evolution. Explore the math behind their motion, and make some mechanical linkages of your own.

July 7: BYOBeest
Immerse yourself in the world of Theo Jansen’s strandbeests.



  1. Exploratorium
    Pier 15, San Francisco, CA