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Health & Wellness, Personal Trainer
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I'm living proof of my successful discipline and approach to achieve and maintain a lean, strong and healthful physique. I have committed my life to the exercise field and live the lifestyle 24/7. I periodize "resistive weight training" to prevent my body from adapting to stressors. Training smart and staying in tune with my body have saved me from serious inju-ries. I have the experience, the education, the know-ledge and the passion to help you to transform your body and your lifestyle in a minimum amount of time.

Being in the health and fitness industry since 1993, my clients range in shapes and sizes and include men and women of all ages and goals. During this time I have been certified by the most reputable organizations. Presently, I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I enjoy learning and exploring innovative exercises to add to my skills. My thirst for learning helps me meet various and specific needs of my clientele.