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51 McCoppin St, San Francisco, CA
+1 111111111
Literary, Writing Group
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Add to This Story is an organic arrangement of writers and stories, whose purpose is joy and excitement. Writers join in the creation of stories with other writers, each making a contribution and passing it along to whomever is next in line.

There is no planning and no editing of the work, neither is there critique. The sole purpose of Add to This Story is to be involved with story, to be making it happen and to be exposed to the possibilities as demonstrated by other writers' contributions (and to have fun doing it).

Writers join in the task of writing with a willingness to serve the story and find out what can happen.

Although Add to This Story currently happens online via Google Docs, with enough interest, an in-person meet-up could happen with everyone writing at the same time and passing the story along until time is up.

Interested writers will need to demonstrate a basic facility with writing via a submitted writing sample.

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