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Released on Sub Pop Records, 6/3/08
By Aaron Davidson (May 16, 2008)
“White Winter Hymnal", the second track on Fleet Foxes debut, is a dagger. The band is “folky", but not in the ramshackle, bon vivant, Devendra Banhart-style of “folk” that critics have kneaded into a long-tailed music movement. Fleet Foxes sound more encyclopedic, traveling through dusty record collections on each song. The captured influences make for a good folk rock record, full of dreamy four part harmonies and authoritative fingerpicking. More »
Released on Siberia Records 5/27/08
By Aaron Davidson (May 16, 2008)
Not as ostentatious as Scissor Sisters nor as gritty as Justice nor as fun as Daft Punk nor as raw as The Rapture nor as interesting as much of the dance music industry, Midnight Juggernauts debut, [b]Dystopia[/b], doesn’t live up to the bands preordained success. The Australian band was handpicked by Justice to open a US tour, and have subsequently played with Bloc Party, Klaxons, !!! and countless other cool, adventurous dance bands. It’s hard to hear the potential when there are so many other options. More »
Released on The Control Group, 4/22/08
By Aaron Davidson (May 02, 2008)
The first time I heard Sarah Assbring, the Swiss army knife (producer/singer/performer, though she’s from Sweden not Switzerland) behind El Perro del Mar, was in Macy’s. It was right about that time where I had to cold turkey the 50-or-so blogs I was reading on the daily. The band names were getting too ridiculous and the music too unreliable. More »
Released on Anti- Records, 5/20/08
By Aaron Davidson (May 02, 2008)
The Montreal band Islands' greatest attribute is impatience with its own songs. They force styles into their compositions like it’s a grape-eating contest. Gothic marches slice into coastal guitar pings that tap into Grandaddy electronics which seem to electrocute organic strings among other things. [b]Arm’s Way[/b] is indie rock jambalaya. More »
Self released, 5/5/08
By Aaron Davidson (Apr 19, 2008)
One of the developing benefits of the 2.0 era seems to be the flourish of conceptual purity in pop art. Far from the only example, Trent Reznor is, however, one of the strongest. Reznor’s real role as a victim of abuse -- financial, substance, critical -- isn’t just reborn into this new era, it’s embraced and, subsequently, revitalizing Reznor’s output. Always marketed as a dark, subverted caricature, Reznor’s recently prolific (and proliferated) incarnation of Nine Inch Nails funnels these real subversions into really good music. In this era, the star becomes the art. More »
Released on Matador Records, 4/6/08
By Aaron Davidson (Apr 02, 2008)
Remember the first time you put on goggles and sank to the bottom of the pool and watched what the water does to noise? The music of Matmos doesn’t sound too different from that. On its seventh album the electronic duo is at their weird, experimental best. They’re off the deep end, as it were. More »
Released on Trashy Moped Records, 3/4/08
By Aaron Davidson (Feb 10, 2008)
It seems foreboding that dance music would look to Ronny James Dio for guidance, but somehow that's the case. Ghostland Observatory singer Aaron Behrens manages to flat line already suffering beats with his metal pipes and stupid lyrics. To see a photo of Behrens and his producer partner Thomas Ross Turner doesn't help: one wears a cape and the other has braids and aviator glasses. It would be tough to feign surprise if it turned out that Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland mentored these guys. More »
Released on Rough Trade Records, 3/18/08
By Aaron Davidson (Feb 10, 2008)
My favorite track on Adam Green's fifth solo record is called "Exp. 1". The song is carefully layered and patched together, just a series of riffs and vocal ideas in the same key strung together. He sings some words and has some thoughts, but the entire affair sounds like happenstance, the product of too many hours in the studio having good ideas that might not make great songs. More »
Putting the 'West' in South By Southwest
By Aaron Davidson (Jan 29, 2008)
South By Southwest, the annual Austin-based gathering of film, music, and technology, will -- as always -- have a strong Bay Area presence. From newer independent acts to many of the area's most established labels, artists and publicity houses, the second week of March will be remembered by a massive convergence of west and southwest. More »
Released on Matador Records, 1/29/08
By Aaron Davidson (Jan 22, 2008)
The new Stephen Malkmus record is like a wartime picnic: gorgeous and delicious with all sorts of drama looming behind the serenity. Such is the Malkmus style. The Portland, Oregon songwriter always operates on a steady diet of contradictions. His imagery is plentiful but obscure, his guitar playing simple but dissonant, and his songs are called "indie", which couldn't be further from the truth -- especially with [b]Real Emotional Trash[/b], Malkmus' first album in a couple years. More »
Aaron Davidson's Articles
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