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A Radio Christmas

Not So Silent Night was known for a good party but I was told that this might be the best line-up yet. With Modest Mouse just finishing up their ATP headline with little press review…maybe ATP thought L.A. needed a nose job, but they probably forgot that L.A. has been getting nose jobs for the past century. I’m thinking they could have picked a better place to bring together such an interesting array of musicians (San Francisco anyone?) Well on to what we do have, this great show. The Mouse didn’t curate this one but 105 did a fine job bringing similar tastes to the BG Auditorium. The red-nosed reindeer glowing above the stage signaled to everyone there was going to be something magical happening on this night.

The night began for me with Muse. They’re awfully good, I never thought I’d say this, but it’s true. I talked to my ears and yep, we agreed. So really, if you get a chance to see them live, it’s a must. The bands hard sound pumping out loud as hell with the towering floating speaker set-up was a great environment to hear what they’re doing: Hard-Alt-Rock with pop tendencies. It’s closer to Death From Above 1979 with more band members. Sounds like something you might enjoy? Well, the night wasn’t finished yet. I was ready for Interpol…Admittedly, Interpol was like the gift I had always wanted to open first but would wait till the end to open always eying it while opening the rest of the presents. You know, that big one in the back of the tree. The one that you can’t help but know something good is going to be popping out…like a big toy tractor. So Interpol didn’t headline, they didn’t sound as good through those speakers, they didn’t play long, they really didn’t get me that tractor I wanted…but they did play and I listened. The Killers played their Christmas goodies, acknowledging the fans while playing around a tight 30-minute set.

One can measure the height of a show by many things. Like a gift, the wrapping tells a tale, the bow seals the deal. Franz Ferdinand sealed the deal for this show. The performance and natural talent to get a crowd excited is something much of live music lacks these days. When they came on stage everyone was listening, even if they didn’t want to at first. I’d say there’s a difference between hype and fact wouldn’t you? Franz Ferdinand is surely hyped up, but fact is, they’re on top of their game. We’ll see what happens next year eh? Mouse finished the night alright. They played some of their best, “3rd Planet” and some older songs “Doin’ the Cochroach” which is always a crowd pleaser as it seems to be the only song that they’ve played enough to get comfortable jamming and playing with the crowd in any serious way. Other than that, it was a modest performance with a modest crowd. Maybe the Mouse felt constrained by the venues enormity giving them little crowd control. Or maybe they were tired, too much egg nog? Or maybe the crowd had heard “Float On” one to many times on the radio and was looking forward to something more along the lines of “Bukowski” to get them dancin’. Whatever the reason may have been, both the crowd and once underground band were enjoying their version of Christmas compliments of Santa Live 105.