A pre Thanxgiving Rock N Roll Blow Out

Event has passed (Wed Nov 22, 2006 - Wed Nov 22, 2006)
Elbo Room


Dont be fooled. Beyond the thigh-highs and doe eyes beats the ardent, inked-up heart of classic punk rock. Like a coy smile that accompanies a swift knee to the groin, Stiletta marries charm with fierce but fun-loving vitriol and fuses the tried-and-true union of screamy vocals and fevered guitars while still achieving a kinetic freshness. This female trios fervor paired with its admiration for influences like Sonic Youth and AC/DC makes for a blistering debut. You may think that we are young and/You may think that we wont last long, sneers the crackling opener, Glass, a shard-spitting sonic boom that paves the way for the impetuous yet effervescently melodic riot that ensues. They may be young, but this frenzied first assault suggests Stiletta has the potential to last as long as theyd damned well please. Kimberly Lapham

Three Weeks Clean:
Play sleazy rock n roll the way it's meant to be played.... drunk n dirty....we'll rub up against ya and ya might feel like maybe sumthin ain't right, but you won't want us to stop.... you'll prob'ly ask for more...beer, tequila, scotch.... no fuckin around...

The Giant Haystacks:
"...one of the Bay Area's finest bands.his band has only gotten better and better, mixing excellent, thoughtful lyrics and art with sometimes somber and sometimes playful (post-)punk. The song "Young Shavers" always gives me chills when they play it live, and their newer stuff is among their best and most catchy yet." MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #282

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  1. Elbo Room
    647 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA