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A hee hee and a ha ha!

Independent Exposure at 111 Minna Gallery

When you realize that the theaters don't have anything nearly disturbing enough for you this Halloween -- it's time to turn to the indies. That is, the array of shorts programmed by the demented and haunted minds of Microcinema. This month’s program of Independent Exposure, a monthly featuring experimental film -- is not for the faint of heart and is full of wry laughs.

There are several pretty graphic shorts in the selection (read: if you puke when watching those Learning Channel docs where a camera stares down some guy’s heart during open heart surgery, then bring a bucket.) Although there are some explicit spots, the majority of the films depend on a sick sense of humor than anything else. Below are some indelible highlights that are the perfect Halloween treat:

"Slaughtered Pigtails" by Usama Alshaibi is a cinematically beautiful film with lush lighting. I think the title speaks for itself. It explores violence towards women in a literal way. The acting is great (wow- that girl can really scream!) which makes it all the more uncomfortable. On the other hand, Orin Portnoy’s "Killer Bunnies" is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek comedy in which two guys dressed in bunny suits roam the Arizona desert for the perfect kill. It’s enough to make any "furries" aficionado squirm.

"Just Nails" by So Young Yang has a lot of explicit shots of body parts being severed but with a twist. This witty short piece will make you think twice before you pick up a pair of clippers. The outrageous yet understated "Devil Tour '94" by John Geary will make you squirm in your seats with delight. Geary creates a hilarious montage of news clips covering a "phenomenon" in which an unidentified man in a devil "suit" harasses people on a highway in L.A.

How many ways can you spell revenge? In the skillfully directed "Locked" by Rosario Garcia-Montero a seemingly random guy is somehow trapped as an act of revenge by an emotionally unstable woman with body-image issues. One word: eerie.

"Timmy’s Wish" by Patrick Cannon takes the cake as the funniest short of the program. It's a good thing it's near the end, so you have to wait for this scrumptious morsel. It sports good direction, great comedic writing and even greater, deadpan deliveries from its actors, especially Jesus. The moral of the tale- be careful what you wish for. Closing out the program is Lee Lanier's "Millennium Bug" which schools you in the future speak of an animated world that looks like a cross between The Terminator and Bladerunner.


Independent Exposure
A Collection of Short, Independent, Experimental Films
Runs Through October 29
Starting at 8 pm
Admission is $5
At 111 Minna Street Gallery