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8th Annual Great Lakes Bat Festival

Bats may not seem like a typical subject for a festival, but the Milwaukee County Zoo has hosted the Great Lakes Bat Festival for over seven years. The Great Lakes Bat Festival is sponsored by the Organization for Bat Conservation and will be held over the weekend of August 28-29th and will include educational events, lectures from bat experts, and a family BBQ.

The Bat Festival will begin on Friday with a lecture from Bat Expert, author and TV personality Rob Mies at the Zoofari Conference Center (9715 West Blue Mound Rd., Tickets for this event are $5 per person and you can purchase tickets by dialing 248-645-3232.

On Saturday, the Karen Peck Katz Conservation Education Center will be hosting a number of bat programs, bat zoo feedings, presentations, and bat research and conservation efforts. This program will be free and open to the public. The program is as follows:

Speakers and Topics

OBC Staff: Live Bat Programs

James Dreisacker (Batcone) Humanely Excluding Bats

Dr. Al Kurta (Eastern Michigan University) Bats of the Great Lakes and Threats to Bats

Rod Foster (Stevenson High School) Echolocation

Kim Williams (Organization for Bat Conservation) Bats of the World

Jeana Geise / Mike Frayer (Milwaukee County Zoo) Surviving Rabies and Rabies and Public Health

Rhonda Crenshaw (Milwaukee County Zoo) Bats and Zoos

Bat Conservation of Wisconsin: Bats of Wisconsin and Rehabilitation

Dr. Tim Carter (Ball State University) Bat Houses and other artificial roosts

Bill Scullon (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) Bats and Mines

Dave Redell (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) Citizen-based Bat Monitoring Project in Wisconsin

Later on in the evening, the bat festival will host a free Family Barbecue in the Brown Bear Den and Australian Outback picnic areas. After the BBQ, from 7:00-9:00 PM, there will be a Bat Netting Demonstration, also for free.