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70s Style

SF Loves Throwback Threads

Fashionable 70s-inspired looks have been all over the fashion runways in recent months. Although each San Francisco neighborhood carries a distinct style, you can find the trend in shops all around town. From the Mission to the Marina, 70s fashions are receiving a welcome back just like Kotter.

Starting in the Mission on Valencia Street, Therapy has on display a tree of wide floppy hats reminiscent of the styles worn by Jodie Foster in the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver. The iconic image of her standing in hot pants and a white wide brimmed hat with red platform heels still inspires looks today. At Therapy, plenty of versions made by San Diego Hat Company present themselves, but the one with a gold band and weaved gold fibers certainly pulsates some kind of strobe light effect.

The Castro’s Sui Generis hits a different kind of beat. Known for its quality consignment deals, the shop is divided into two separate locations on Market Street. The men’s shop carries clothing that is actually from the 70s. Take, for example, the vintage bright yellow tee ($75) that frames Farah Fawcett in its center, or consider the baby blue three-piece leisure suit ($180). Do the hustle!

The women’s shop offers high-end designer pieces at affordable prices. In tune to the 70s comeback, a mannequin at the storefront shows how to celebrate the era of Happy Days and lava lamps without looking like a costume. A white silk blouse by Salvatore Ferragamo ($150) tucks in nicely to a pair of patch pocket flared Chanel trousers ($180).

Vintage shops multiply in the Upper Haight. Wasteland is always a good bet for 70s revival, with a smattering of peasant blouses for women and notable vintage tees for men. One particular standout is a Jefferson Starship tee hung high on the wall for display and only for the serious buyer.

Held Over, also in Upper Haight, should not be missed. The women’s section is populated with plenty of 70s, but subdivided into areas such as “Sexy Secretary,” “Rompers,” and “Disco Dresses.” The men’s section offers an array of leisure suits in various colors and lapel sizes. Take your pick of polyester.

Super 7, a toy and design store, also sits in the Upper Haight. For those who never outgrew their childhood in the 70s, order the Super Shogun Stormtrooper, complete with laser blaster and Rocket Punch. Step inside to get an idea of how Star Wars figurines have progressed.

Pacific Heights also offers a few places to get your 70s fix. Heidi Says Collections carries Diane von Furstenberg (DvF). Although renowned for her wrap dresses, DvF’s gold open-toed wedges ($280) pair nicely with another fashion name from the same Studio 54 era, Halston. In 2009, the label launched its hip diffusion line, Halston Heritage, which reinvents many of the classic pieces. Take for example the peach and silver maxi dress ($895), which shimmers and sways at every step and every shift in lighting.

Really, there is no division in the city when it comes to embracing fashion trends. How they are worn may vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Whether it’s going vintage with a leisure suit or modern with a one-shouldered dress — San Franciscans will create their own take on the era.


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