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28th Olympics, Week 2

Wrap-Up, Week 2

Baseball: The biggest surprise? Australia beat Japan in the semi-finals. No surprises in the finals though; Cuba won Gold over Australia, and Japan put away Canada for the Bronze.

Soccer (M): Alas, it was not to be. Paraguay went up 3 goals on Iraq in the semi-finals, and Iraq could manage just one goal in response. Iraq will face Italy in a semi-finals composed solely of countries whose names American routinely mispronounce. And Paraguay and Argentina will compete in the finals to determine which of them is the greatest nation in the world. I'd bet on: Gold - Argentina, Silver- Paraguay, Bronze - Italy. Honorable Mention: Iraq.

Soccer (W): The United States faces Brazil in the final. The US beat Brazil 2-0 in the round-robin. Odds are they'll do it again.

Softball: The US won the gold. 55 runs for, just one against. This is the stuff of 4-year old T-Ball games, not the Olympics.

Boxing: Middleweight Andre Dirrell and Light-Heavyweight Andre Ward are the only Americans remaining. Heavyweight Devin Vargas was a medal hopeful, but bowed out in round 2. The US has won just two gold medals since 1988.

On the water: the US won Gold in the Men's Eights (Rowing), Silver in the Women's Eights, Silver in Women's Slalom Canoe and Gold in the Men's Double-Handed Dinghy.