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28th Olympics

Wrap-Up, Week 1

Baseball: Team USA lost to Mexico and did not qualify for the Olympics, and host Greece was given a spot despite never having fielded a baseball team before, leaving this event wide open. Canada is in first place with a 3-0 record, but hasn't faced any good teams yet. Japan is also a favorite. Cuba somehow lost to the "Greek-American" team. Personally, Olympic baseball will be a non-event until all -- not just some -- professional players compete in it.

Soccer (M): Does this sound familiar? The US lost to Mexico and failed to qualify for this event. The biggest stunner so far was Iraq's 4-2 win over Portugal, though both teams will qualify for the next round. Mexico has also been having a miserable time in its group with Mali and Korea, and has little chance to make it out of its group. Favorites Argentina and Italy are leading their respective groups.

Soccer (W): Ten teams, nine getting in line to see how badly they'll get pounded by the Americans. Germany might be the only team with a chance to stay in the game.

Softball: The US has won the last five world titles and every Olympic Gold. Japan and Australia have a chance to win, but they lost to the US 10-0 and 3-0 already. Team USA did rattle off a 112-game winning streak not so long ago. If you can get the field at 50-1, take it.

Boxing: Light-Heavyweight Andre Ward and Heavyweight Devin Vargas are the medal hopefuls. The US has had just two gold medals since 1988.

Fencing: Never a strong suit for the US, Americans Mariel Zaqunis and Sada Jacobson undid 100 years of painful (not literally) fencing history to win Gold and Bronze in the Women's Sabre.

Next week: Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater and Slalom, Rowing, Sailing