Hardly Strictly Implements New Safety Measures: Cooler Ban, Fences, Bag Checks and Restrictions

Today the popular free Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park announced their 2019 guidelines and safety measures. The good vibes of the festival are sure to continue this year regardless but the current climate demands that organizers of such large public gatherings implement these extra measures.

“No alcohol will be for sale in the park, however, alcohol is allowed as per park rules: no hard alcohol or glass is allowed; beer and wine in non-glass containers ONLY. Any hard alcohol brought to the gathering will be confiscated by SFPD and violators may be subject to fine.”

Photos by Cheryl Guerrero

There will be only four entry locations: JFK Drive and Transverse Drive, Fulton Street and 30th Avenue, JFK Drive and 36th Avenue and South Polo Field. (map)

“Do not bring coolers, they are no longer allowed. We have updated our concessions in anticipation of increased public need.

Any bags/backpacks must be clear plastic, measuring less than 16”x16”x8”.

Entrances will not open until 9am.

There will be increased SFPD and Tactical Unit presence inside and outside the venue.

Blankets and short backed chairs (seats no more than 9” from the ground) are allowed, but will be subject to search.

Any restricted or oversized items will be turned away at all entry points.”

“Please be courteous and patient with fellow music lovers as we make this significant change. As usual, fans are asked to respect the park, to clean up after themselves, and to take everything out that’s been brought in.”

Sign up for emergency text alerts by texting HSBlue to 888-777.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival happens October 4th-6th.


  1. Wow,
    Going to take a trip to GGPark in Oct☺☺☺
    Anyone else going?


  2. Terri Orth-Pallavicini September 3, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    I have been attending HSBG for over fifteen years, and while I see the need to implement some changes and rules of attendance, I feel some of these are a bit much. If people already have a small soft-sided cooler bag for their lunch, are we expected to go and buy a new clear plastic one? I’ve never even seen a clear plastic one!! That wouldn’t exactly be a cooler/thermal bag would it? For some people the price of the food is prohibitively expensive and that’s why we choose to bring our own food..I can see you don’t want large coolers, but small over the shoulder thermal bag (the dimensions suggested..) should be allowed. (They won’t be clear plastic! ) One other suggestion.. there should be an entrance that feeds into the center of the “area”..not just at either end, which requires a lot more walking for people with health issues..Couldn’t there be an entrance at 25th and Fulton? which leads you to a road where the distance to the Banjo and Swan stages is about the same,(i.e. not requiring you to walk the full length of the festival ..my friend uses a cane, and that’s the entrance they usually use.) Please consider these suggestions! Thank you..


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