Outside Lands Food and Music Pairings Guide

The lineup for the Outside Lands Music Festival is eclectic as ever this year, with acts ranging from Paul McCartney to Nine Inch Nails, and there are several new interesting new food options to match.

From a music festival experience, there is really no match for the food, beer and wine presented at Outside Lands.  Not the normal “concert grub” or selection of cheap beer and wine, it is all about celebrating the best the Bay Area has to offer.  With that in mind, we paired some of the food offerings this year with some of the artists performing at the three-day festival.


sir paul

Paul McCartney with S’mores and Hot Chocolate from Charles Chocolates
Connection: S’mores and hot chocolate is the ultimate summertime comfort food to accompany comforting Beatles and McCartney classics among the trees and mist at Golden Gate Park. (Matt Crawford)



  1. Rock and Roll is over, now its going to be Rock and Chocolate?

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