Hailing from Long Beach, CA, Paper City is about to embark upon a 60-day tour of the US to promote their latest release, Popular Talk.

Lead vocalist and guitar player Marisa Predisik took the time to shine a little light on the band’s origin, the influence of the ocean on their surf-pop sound and why star-shaped brushes make a great safety net.

Talk a little bit about the origin behind the name Paper City.

The name was actually a nod to a music video we did in 2009 for the song entitled “City of the Future”.  In the video, a little paper spaceship travels through a city made entirely of paper.  Before the video was released we went by “Moedog Darling”, but the time came to change because we were adding more to our sound, and evolving quite a bit.  So, after this video was made, we made it official–Paper City!


How long have you been playing for?

We’ve each been playing music for over ten years, but we’ve been together as the band Paper City for about three years.

You are in the midst of a 2-month tour. Is this your first time out for so long? How’s it going so far?

This is the first time we’ve been out this long.  I toured as Moedog Darling in 2007 for about three weeks, but it was different because I was solo, and it wasn’t nearly two months!  We’re all still really excited about being on the road–the romanticism surrounding it hasn’t worn off yet *crosses fingers*.  We’ll see how we feel when we’re in Texas in September; I hope we’re all still alive by then!

You are from Southern California, how much do you feel your location has had an effect on you style and sound?

I think being in Southern California has affected our sound quite enormously, especially being by the beach.  Our harmonies have been compared to The Beach Boys, and we’ve been classified as “Beach Pop”, so I know SOMETHING is going on, albeit subconsciously.  I think there’s a “je ne sais quois” about being by a large body of water–in our case the Pacific Ocean–that effects creativity.  I don’t know if it’s the people or the location, but something about being here is definitely influencing our sound!

Do you feel the scene in LBC is supportive and cohesive or is it tough because so many folks are struggling to succeed?

I feel the scene in LBC is THE most supportive environment an independent artist could possibly be in.  I’ve heard musicians from LA say that they love playing in Long Beach because everyone’s so accepting; and they are!  People don’t watch shows with their arms crossed, they really listen, and get into it.  Also, we have so many non-profit organizations supporting the arts, namely: GoCatalyst, Create Long Beach, and a slew of others.  I think Long Beach is coming up as a very supportive/cohesive place for artists to shine.

What are some of the dates you are most looking forward to on this tour?

We’re really looking forward to San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and New York.  I, personally, am looking forward to New York because I’ve never been there before!  So it’ll be cool to check out the city while we’re there.

Have you played in SF before?

It’s funny, I’ve been to SF a million times because I have family there, but I’ve never once played a show in the city!  Another reason I’m really looking forward to our show in San Francisco!

What is your tour safety item, like something you must have with you when you hit the road to make you stay sane?

A long time ago when I went on my first tour, a friend gave me a hairbrush in the shape of a star.  I now take it with me on the road as my good luck charm.  I think it keeps me sane by bringing me a bit of comfort when I’m in all these unfamiliar places!

Paper City play Kimos on Wednesday, July 20th. Doors are at 9pm.