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2004 NFL Week 2

Week two is in the books & the season is taking shape

At week one we were calling the Panthers one-year wonders and starting to look at Farve as a possible Elway figure, guiding the Packers toward another Superbowl run. After week two, all I can say is, "We'll have none of that talk around her just yet."

After week two, we're keeping watch over the obvious ones:

New England: They're playing great. Their defense is solid and they can tolerate a game or two like the one they got this last Sunday from Brady. The only negative is the bye week: why take a break at this point? They have the mojo; who will take it from them?

Philly: Man do they rush the quarterback. McNabb to T.O.: secondaries should be afraid. These guys are looking at a long run if they keep their head on straight.

Also impressive this week were the Colts -- can you say offensive barrage? Also, the Panthers, Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit all looked good. The Jaguars at 2-0 look vulnerable against Tennessee (1-1) in week three.

Bye Week: Buffalo, New England, NY Jets, Carolina

Games of the Week:

Green Bay at Indianapolis Colts
This will be a good gauge of whether Farve's playoff dreams will come true or not. The Colts and Manning have to put out a good effort. The Colts should win by at least a touchdown if they are to maintain their well-deserved 2nd place status in the AFC. But Farve might have one of those crazy games. You never know.

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions
"Hi Detroit. I know you're a Lion and all, but this here Eagle is going to be ripping out some fur, maybe get an eye-ball..." That's the way it will go if the Eagles continue to rush the quarterback the way they did against Minnesota. Also encouraging for the Eagles, McNabb continues to learn how to win games while not putting himself in vulnerable positions. Detroit, 2-1 is not that bad. Mooch, good luck. I'll be rooting for ya.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle
Hey, the 9ers are the best 0-2 team out there. They are seventh in D and eighth in offense. Why are they losing -- errors, penalties and turnovers in critical situations. They are a young team and they're playing young. They have a good chance against the Seahawks this week, but it will be a tough road game.

Tampa Bay at Oakland Raiders
Chucky meets Black Hole. Wow, I can't wait to see that. Thank you ESPN. Coming to a television near you this Sunday night.

This game will be important to both teams and being at home gives the Raiders hope of getting out, and staying out, in front. The Raiders are a young, aggressive team as opposed to the slow, old team we saw against the Bucks a couple of years ago. Gannon needs to start putting up some numbers. This would be a good game to start.

Chucky's revenge part 2? I don't think so.

That's all for this week. No matter what, have a great NFL weekend. Don't get too down if your team loses and don't get a big head if your team wins, after all, we're in week three.