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12 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Celebrate A Green Christmas!

Written by Nicole Landers, Sustainable Consultant & Co-Founder of

Here is a guide to my favorite 12 eco-friendly gifts, there is some shipping involved but one can also carbon offset their holiday travel/shipping. Lots of these items are under $100, so it won’t break your piggy bank.

1. A “Star” in the sky named after the one you love.
That’s right you can own a piece of the universe, every night you and your loved one can gaze into the night sky and look out at the stars glistening. You even get a certificate with the name of your personalized star. Prices start at under $40.

2. Tree People’s Gift of Life Tree Dedication Program. Show your commitment to healing the urban forests for years to come, with each dedication, a personalized card or certificate will be sent to your recipient or can be sent back to you. Prices start at $25.

3. For your close female companion a pesticide free pair of denim made from organic cotton. Freedom of Choice is really hip, great cut and soft to boot. This denim line is also made in the USA. Price $148

4. For the picture junkie Kodak came out with a digital frame that rotates digital images. So you never have to worry around the holidays if you have all your relatives’ pictures up on the wall. The Kodak EasyShare Digital Picture Frame is a great gift for all. Frames start at $69.95 some even play mp3s!

5. For the sweet tooth friend or relative how about a box of chocolates, fair trade and organic. Chocolate Artisan Chef Autumn hailing from Seattle whips up these amazing confections and bars. Prices begin at $30.

6. Deck the halls with the green thumb gift, a mini Christmas tree you can replant. You can even order it to come with ornaments! The mini Christmas tree is a blue fir and hails from the Southern reaches of the Rocky Mountains, an area known for its bounty of majestic pine trees. It sells for $69.95.

7. For your furry friend how about an eco pet bed? These eco-friendly dog beds, and cat beds are made from Eco2 recycled cotton fiber and interior fiberfill made form recycled PET. They have a range of sizes and colors to choose from. Prices start at $79.99.

8. For the gadget lover. A truly universal charger for electronic devices -that stores power! Never be caught without a charge. When on the go power for your gadgets is key, plug into the Solio® Hybrid 1000. This hybrid boasts a powerful solar panel and battery in an incredibly compact and slender case, conveniently geared with a built-in rugged carabiner and cable. The Hybrid 1000 is simple to use. The price is $69.95 not including shipping.

9. Going to someone’s home over the holidays bring him or her something they will use all year round. bambu is a line of Contemporary products for the kitchen and home created from renewable materials, everything from cutting boards, cool stackable bowls to salad servers. bambu designs and creates products of distinction. They blend functionality with contemporary design and imagination. Price starts at $9.95 and up.

10. Tune into the needs of the planet. Wheat n’Roll WheatwareMusic™ Gift Set
For the musician in you or your life, finally…earth friendly biodegradable guitar picks and drumsticks! They are made from wheat, offering a natural textured feel and are easy-to-grip. These products are compostable too. They leave no trace when disposed of because they biodegrade in less than 90 days in microbially-active soil. There are two Gift sets, one for 5A drummers and one for 5B drummers. Each set includes 2 mixed bags of guitar picks (16 assorted), 1 pair of 5A drumsticks or 1 pair of 5B drumsticks, 4 travel combs, 4 coasters and one Eco-YoYo. Price: $21.99 - at checkout enter GLL as the discount code and receive 10% off your order!

11. Give a $20 bottle of charity: water to a friend or loved one this holiday, and give a person you've never met in Africa clean water 20 years. 100%* goes directly to building wells. They will ship it to your loved one a customized note hand written by a charity: water volunteer. Shipping +$6. Ships within 3 days.

12. To carry your eco gifts Envirosax Resuable Grocery Bags are the way to go. They can be reused all year round to og to your local farmers market or grocer. They also come in some cool unique patterns and colors. This surprisingly large bag holds the equivalent weight of 2 supermarket plastic bags. Price $7.95

One more extra green tip!

13. Offset your holiday travel and or your holiday party. In fact you can offset your whole year of 2007. Driving Green makes it easy and inexpensive to help fight Global Warming. You can effectively fight it by offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions and essentially erase your carbon footprint. For more info check out