101 Music #2

513 Green St., San Francisco, CA
Music, CD, Vinyl & DVD Store
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Around the corner from 101 Music on Grant, the entrance to what they call 101 #2 is marked by a sign that says "Records" and a cheap 80's synthesizer nailed above the doorway. After meandering through stacks of old turntables, guitars, saxophones, clarinets, and even a plastic keyboard that makes sound by blowing through a tube, you will find the stairway to a record collector's heaven. Stacks upon stacks of crates, shelves, and boxes of vinyl pack this basement room. Tom, the friendly owner of 101 Music, says, "It's basically happy hunting."

- Excerpt from SF Station article by Amanda Scotese.

WHAT A NEAT STORE!!! Its basement is like a storehouse of vinyl from stores that had to get rid of them when CD's replaced all of them. It was a almost like a trip back in time, when I would spend hours of fun "browsing time" at Tower Records. A thing of the past....

- Haight Dweller