ZORGE - the Tequilajazzz (3zzz) family

Mon Sep 30, 2013
Rickshaw Stop
Show @ 7pm
$35 - $45


The band Zorge was formed in September 2010 to pick up where the Tequilajazzz band left off when they broke up shortly before. Most of the bandís material is brand-new and has been created in the recent days, although, the groupís new program also includes some of the songs from Tequilajazzz that hold a special place in the authorís heart.

When it comes to style, Zorge follows the same path as the one Tequilajazzz chose during some of its most experimental creative periods. True eclecticism drives the bandís music as they mix different styles without a hint of stooping to the level of the superficial postmodern tricks or the oxymoron of ďnew-age.Ē It represents a well-balanced coexistence of various musical cultures ďhere and now,Ē even when they exist in a form of conflict.

Rough rhythmic structures, intricate jazz harmonies and the evident influence of modern and classical academic music call for the use of the tag ďart,Ē while the post-punk past of the band members is in no way forgotten.


  1. Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell St, San Francisco, CA