Zombie Town

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Mindless, unfeeling monsters with a hunger for human flesh…
a documentary that will change hearts, minds, etc.
Last year, the town of Harwood, Texas was forever changed when it was overrun by hordes of flesh-eating undead. Using documentary-style theatre techniques, ZOMBIE TOWN tells the story of this community in crisis to help them heal through the power of theatre. Post-war prosperity led to many improvements in the small town of Harwood, including upgrades to Harwood Cemetery, situated where we now know is too close to the town proper; a fence was planned to surround the entire cemetery but it was never built (while designed to keep ne'er-do-
wells out, it probably would have been convenient for containing carnivorous corpses when they arose from the dead, but hindsight is 20/20). The Catharsis Theatre Collective traveled to Harwood, interviewed the survivors, and crafted a play using their exact words. When the Collective approached Sleepwalkers as a producing partner, the company jumped at the chance to present this fascinating story of grit, determination, and brain-sucking zombies.


Exit Stage Left
156 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA
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  1. Exit Stage Left
    156 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA