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1234 Valencia St, San Francisco , CA
(415) 647-9707
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Namaste. Welcome to Yoga Tree San Francisco. At Yoga Tree we strive to bring you the best yoga instructors the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer in studios that are clean, warm and supportive. Although we offer a variety of styles of yoga, all of our classes share one thing in common— a comfortable safe space in which to explore the body, mind and soul.


  • Yoga Tree

    Planting the seeds for your yoga growth
    12/21/2006 by Michelle Sieling

    If you live in San Francisco long enough, there are two things that you most likely will do: use the phrase "to be honest" and take at least one yoga class. And to be honest, yoga isn't my chosen form...  More »

  • SF Yoga Studios

    05/07/2004 by Lisa Butterworth

    It seems as though everyone's taking a ride on the yoga train these days. Rodney Yee is nearly a household name, celebrities, like Madonna and Sting, swear by it, even my skeptical boyfriend has a Yog...  More »