Yerba Buena Gardens Festival Presents

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival: 13th Annual Halloween Hoopla

Sun Oct 27, 2013
Yerba Buena Gardens
noon - 1:30pm
City, Family, Restaurants


Our 13th annual Halloween Hoopla features interactive performances and games for kids under 10 and their adults. Led by the ever-popular Unique Derique, the Hoopla features dancing to music by the Venezuelan Music Project, including original Halloween songs, eco-friendly crafts courtesy of Trash Mash-Up, origami folding by Preston, a living statue (see if you can find it!), and palm reading from the mysterious Madame Z. The program culminates in the eagerly awaited Halloween Costume Parade, where everyone shows off their Halloween finery.


  1. Yerba Buena Gardens
    Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA