World Naked Bike Ride - Earth Day Edition

Sun Apr 22, 2012
Jane Warner Memorial Plaza
10am - 3pm, ride starts at 11:30am


It's that time to tune up those bikes and toss those riding duds in the wash, you won't need them for the World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco. It's the second WNBR of the year, in conjunction with Earth Day and the second anniversary of the British Petroleum Deep Horizon explosion and Macondo Well oil spill disaster, the worst oil spill in history that occurred on April 20, 2010.

It is time for the Second Annual World Naked Bike Ride - Earth Day Celebration Ride.

The BP oil spill left dead sea life and birds as well as the environmental devastation of the gulf that will impact sea life and the economy of the gulf's fishing industry for decades. With last year's Japan quake & tsunami, environmental issues are more important than ever. What better way to refresh the public's memory than with a World Naked Bike Ride.

Our San Francisco contingent will meet at 10:00AM at the northeast corner at Market Street & Castro Street in Jane Warner Plaza. This is one of the parklets installed throughout the city. It is the open space and seating area just outside the Twin Peaks Tavern and opposite the Chevron station. March is generally the onset of spring like warmth and it is now daylight savings, so for late April, it should be a nice day for a WNBR. But we ride rain or shine so no excuses not to be there and bare it out. Our group will have time to gather and renew old acquaintances as well as help initiate new riders. Also slogans and signs can be finalized with body paint & markers.

The ride is scheduled to start at around 11:30 AM.

You decide how much bare you can dare, you can go all out in the joy of sun clad nakedness, go topless, bikinis, body paint or latex, leotard or lingerie, or tuxedos, whatever you feel like. For this ride, however, since an oil spill is the target of our angst, an appropriate statement can be made to mimic spilled oil. Nude riders can use black body paint splattered or coated. Those a little timid about nudity can use black trash bags that resemble spilled oil. Or you can be even more creative and artistic with black latex body paint to achieve a sheen and gloss that really looks like spilled oil. Since it is Earth Day we are celebrating the environment, so if you don't go the bare route or the oil spill look, then adorn yourself with green colors; shoes, hats, scarves, capes, whatever, to promote a greener way of life

Skates or skateboards have ridden along with us in the past. Also we had our first tandem bike in our last ride. How about a nude unicyclist? And music maestro please. How about some of you musical bikes from Rock The Bike sounding off with us?

As always, our ride is in continued protest of an unsustainable energy policy in all nations around the globe. We support the innovation of alternate and improved energy technologies, the social commitment to a more sustainable energy consumption and generally the pure fun and joy of riding naked to draw attention to these issues. However, this time the main protest is about the BP oil spill and since this is Earth Day, special reverence for our ecosystem and respect for Mother Earth.

Our ride will focus on downtown SOMA areas, Embarcadero, AT&T Park and most flat areas along the financial area downtown. We will go down to Fisherman's Wharf and then back toward the downtown area where we hope to get a friendly response from the Earth Day Festival in the Civic Center. This free festival has a number of displays and speakers on environmental topics and green products. The festival is open to the public from 10AM until 6PM Musical acts include Big Brother & the Holding Company (Janis Joplin's old band). If the climate is friendly enough to our sunclad group, we'll stay there, if not, you have the option of dressing to stay or ride back to the starting point at Market/Castro and hang around there for a post ride get-together. After the Earth Day Festival, all riders are free to leave or continue back to the Market/Castro corner to join up with any other of our group. Maybe we'll get pizza or other food options that are abundant in the Castro.


  1. Jane Warner Memorial Plaza
    401 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA