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The Garage presents Wish You Were Here: new dance works for everyone near and far, past, present and future. This evening of contemporary dance showcases compelling and intelligent new dance works from Bay Area choreographers Aura Fischbeck, Gretchen Garnett and Leigh Riley – all currently in residence at The Garage. The show includes performances by Leah Curran, Aura Fischbeck, Gretchen Garnett, Jackie Goneconti, Annie Kahane, Julie Potter, Leigh Riley, LizAnne Roman and Andi Shirazi.


Aura Fischbeck Dance presents two San Francisco premiers. Blurring the lines between the performed body and the everyday body, these works are rooted in non-fiction, and seek to expose the reality of the complexity that makes a person who they are.

Corporeality by definition means of or belonging to, or characteristic of the body. In this solo work by the same name, we peer into the story of an individual body - as a genetic inheritance, a vessel, a reservoir of collective experience, a collection of influences and a confluence of decades and lived moments. This dance considers the effects of our ancestral lineage on the person we become. Created and performed by Aura Fischbeck, Corpo-Reality, which premiered at the 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, incorporates dance, video, text, and conversation accompanied by musical elements ranging from Chopin to techno.

“Every concept is necessarily and essentially inscribed in a chain or a system, within which it refers to another and to other concepts, by the systematic play of differences” ~Jacques Derrida, “Differance”
In Different (part 1) four performers juxtapose their individuality with their commonalities, incorporating signature moves, objects of personal significance, theme songs, power animals and more. This first section of Different will be performed by and was created in collaboration with Gretchen Garnett, Annie Kahane, Julie Potter, and Andi Shirazi directed by Aura Fischbeck.

Gretchen Garnett & Dancers presents Activities for Tight Spaces, a premiere in which the dancers and the audience participate together in exploring spatial limitations. The audience is moved from its traditional spot and brought into the performance space, dividing up the stage into small segments that the dancers navigate at high speed and velocity. The choreography pushes the dancers up against each other, the space and the audience. In these tight quarters, the dancers and the audience experience the tension, fear, power, exhilaration and tenderness of being together, of being close and of making contact. Activities for Tight Spaces will be performed by Leah Curran, Jackie Goneconti and LizAnne Roman.

We are born alone and we die alone. Everyone has a unique experience of traveling through this life; no two are the same. In the peace and calm of our own home, we are free to dance in the kitchen while the music is blasting, or quietly read a book on the sofa. Out in urban life when things get hectic around us, we may put on our “urban armor” of headphones and sunglasses to keep out the world. Even when we share time with people we know everyone remembers different details or interprets events one way or another. How much can we really connect to the people in our lives? Others can empathize based on their own histories, but they can never truly experience our individual perspectives. The Riley Project presents Solo:Alone, a mixed-media performance piece performed by Leigh Riley, combining video and live performance that depicts this aloneness of daily life, from times spent in literal solitude, to isolation in a public arena, and finally culminating to being alone with one's self. It challenges the audience members to take on someone else's point of view and really see what the performer sees both in life and in dance. Solo:Alone is both a meditation on solitude and an opportunity for the audience step into someone else's shoes.


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