West Portal Sidewalk Fine Arts & Crafts Fair

Event has passed (Fri Apr 8, 2011 - Sun Apr 6, 2014)
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West Portal’s Fine Arts and Crafts Show takes place in the heart of one of San Francisco’s well-known neighborhoods: bustling with activity, quaint retail stores, restaurants, bookshops and coffeehouses. The three-day event runs Friday - Sunday, April 4-6, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day on West Portal Avenue between 15th and Ulloa.

Local residents and tourists alike flock to admire the works of more than 40 artists displaying everything from photography, paintings, ceramics, jewelry and much more. The show is free to the public and sponsored by the West Portal Avenue Association. Among the featured artists at this year’s show:

Eileen Goldenberg
Studio: San Francisco
Medium: Clay
Their Art: Ceramic teapots, vases, bowls, cups and more
Creative Process: “Clay is a very immediate and plastic medium that allows me to fully express my feelings and emotions,” says Eileen. “By combining texture, applied bumps, cut out windows and the graphic quality of sgraffito, I can turn ideas into forms that are a direct link to my inner landscape. Sgraffito is a technique of carving through a black slip/glaze, revealing the clay underneath. I use either a very small loop tool which results in a very fine line or a larger tool, which gives me bold, wide lines. Since I am hand throwing porcelain, the lines appear white. Sgraffito is a great way to draw on clay.”

Gila Sagy
Studio: Concord
Medium: Glass
Her Art: Fused glass art including jewelry, platters and more
Creative Process: "The many colors and textures of glass make fusing so fascinating for me. Nothing can replace the excitement of creating beautiful color combinations with glass. My jewelry includes pendants and earrings, made of glass pieces in multiple colors and textures. Firing in the kiln, all the pieces fuse together to become one piece. My platters are made from real wine bottles flattened in high temperature firing in a kiln. We like to use them for serving cheese so we attached beautiful, hand made stainless steel spreaders to go with them. A metal hanger provides the option to hang the bottle on the wall.”

Lisa Barghahn
Studio: Burlingame
Medium: Waterproof, lightweight, nylon and materials from around the world
Her Art: ArtyChokers
Creative Process: ArtyChokers is a new innovation in dog accessories combining fashion with function. This new two-piece system includes a StartyChoker base collar and the ArtyChoker style cover. Dog owners can change their dog's ArtyChoker style cover in seconds without having to remove the tags, leash or collar. The style covers snap over the base collar and are easy to apply and remove. Styles are individually crafted and each one may have slight variances.

For more information about the West Portal Avenue Sidewalk Arts and Crafts Fair contact the West Portal Avenue Association at (415) 566-3500 or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals at (209) 267-4394 or visit http://www.pacificfinearts.com on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PacificFineArts and Twitter @PacificFineArts


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