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Sat Nov 10, 2007
The Warfield
Music, Rock
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Onion AV Club says "For a band famous for not taking itself too seriously, Ween can be pretty serious sometimes. Aaron "Gene Ween" Freeman and Mickey "Dean Ween" Melchiondo often explore deeply disturbing subject matter from the inside out—with no ironic distance—so the laughs on Ween albums are just as likely to be uncomfortable as they are goofy. Ween has described La Cucaracha as "a party record," but most parties will be stopped cold four songs in by the stunning "Object," a languid prog-pop/blues number that takes the protagonist of R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" and makes him a full-blown sociopath. Like a lot of great Ween songs, "Object" sounds like it's actually being sung by its batshit narrator, a kind of method music making that's still intriguing nearly two decades after Ween's debut."

"A few distinct factors distinguish the resultant White Pepper from the rest of the Ween catalog. Firstly, the entire record is recorded in a "band" format, more parallel to the Ween live experience. Also, there is a notable lack of the word "----" anywhere on the record. No one can explain how the ---- this happened. Additionally, the mind enhancing drugs in the Ween diet are replaced with alcohol and pharmaceuticals, giving the band new insight into the psyche of working class America. The record also features strings, horns, and female backup singers... "three very bad signs for the future of Ween," says the band."
- bio from sing365.com


  1. The Warfield
    982 Market Street, San Francisco, CA