We Are Monsters Costume Party

Thu Oct 11, 2012
222 Club - NOW CLOSED
10pm - 2am
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WAM Costume Party!

Omar Perez & Justin Anastasi (The Soft Moon)

DJ Omar was raised in the thriving musical subcultures of Washington, D.C., where he was exposed to sounds such as punk, goth, new wave, go-go and hip hop at concerts and clubs. He credits this early education for the eclectic and open-minded slant he brings to mixing records. Ask him about his favorite artists and he'll offer up a list of strange bedfellows that includes Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,Depeche Mode, , Jaques Brel and The Cramps.

Few other DJs in San Francisco can speak of playing such a wide variety of sounds, preferring instead to stay within the genre lines. Omar's multivariate approach resonates with many people whose tastes may be equally as broad; it's the secret to his success, an asset that has made him an IN-DEMAND DJ for various parties and promoters. His decade-long career in San Francisco's nightlife has produced some of the most musically diverse and inclusive dance parties in San Francisco. In a local nightlife scene that falls prey to segmentation, he has attracted gay, straight, hipster, nerd, rocker, technophile, and curious bystander alike with great clubs such as "Popscene," "Sixxteen," "Bordello," "Fake," "The Finger.

Jason Greer

Hosted by Manicure Versace


  1. 222 Club - NOW CLOSED
    222 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA