Vows, Standard Poodle, The Goldenhearts

Wed Mar 13, 2013
Rickshaw Stop
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Since touring half of the United States and sharing the stage with a wide variety of international acts including Bare Wires, Bart Davenport, Cute Lepers, Dead Meadow, The Ferocious Few, Joel Rabinow of Howling Rain, Part Time, The Shalants, Sugar & Gold, Tornado Rider, and Two Gallants - amongst others - word has spread about Vows, and now their sugary melodies are being broadcast coast to coast by the voices of happy witnesses. Vows songs are rich with tongue-in-cheek subtext, doo-wop inspiration, and informed nods to psychedelic stalwarts already in California's legacy a la 'Sunflower', 'Da Capo' & 'Trout Mask Replica'. Vows extend an irresistible invitation heavily perfumed with musky three-part harmonies to sing along as they parlay the subjects and sounds of a lovelorn acid trip, and pack in all kinds of original surprises for the ride.

Standard Poodle (album release)

Post Apocaylptic Zombie Folk Balladry.

The Goldenhearts

With an ear for the romantic and the dramatic, San Francisco's the Goldenhearts bring a special experience best described as psychedelic chamber-rock. Performing with a string quartet, the Goldenhearts both rock and lull. From The Goldenhearts' new record, "Is There Love On Mars?" is a textured roller-coaster ride -- full of romance, danger, heartbreak, death & beauty. Recorded by David Simon-Baker (Jackie Greene, the Mother Hips, Los Lobos), "Is There Love On Mars" meets the bar of the Great Records of old - from music to artwork. The cover art was created by montage artist Winston Smith, (albums covers for Green Day, Ben Harper, the Dead Kennedys).


  1. Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell St, San Francisco, CA