Ver Unica

437 Hayes St, San Francisco , CA
(415) 431-0688
Clothes and Accessories
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A fashion forward vintage boutique featuring a timeless collection of mens and womens apparel and accessories dating from the teens to present day designer wear. Whether you are looking for street chic, haute couture, or an update to your existing closet, we are happy to assist you.

- Neal, Steve, Willow, & Cindy

Items Sold:
Vintage and designer clothing and accessories

For Men:
Pants, Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Suits, Shoes

For Women:
Dresses, Sweaters, Shoes, Skirts, Suits, Coats, Manadrin dresses and jackets, Blouses & tops


  • Sixties Invasion

    08/21/2006 by grace chen

    It's certainly not 1965 but it will be hard to tell when the mod fashions from the Swinging Sixties invade the streets and boutiques of San Francisco this fall. The spirit of the counter-cultural and ...  More »

  • Sweet on Spring Looks

    Spring Fashion Review
    04/02/2004 by Gloria Tai

    Are you tired of moping over the impact that Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex in the City) has on today's fashion? Perhaps we can take her lead and infuse some genius into our own closets with this spring's ...  More »

  • Designing Women

    01/01/2004 by Lisa Butterworth

    In San Francisco slaves to fashion are as ubiquitous as pointy-toed shoes and Seven jeans, but only a select few are true vixens of style. You know one when you see her. She's the girl on the bus with...  More »