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Sat Apr 4
F8 | 1192 Folsom
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This is the first of our crossover parties. Bringing together furries and the gear/leather scene.

This should give you more options than ever on what to wear! Dress like an animal and wear a fursuit, a kigarumi, a onesie, a spandex/latex/neoprene suit with ears, tails&ears, etc.

Or wear gear! Leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, zentai, uniforms, etc.

Wear one, or wear it all! Fursuits with harnesses! Yes! Leather Dogs! Yes! Big burly bears in uniforms and baby cubs in shortalls! Yes! Yes! Yes!

We'll provide great music in 2 different rooms, in a great environment.

Animal costumes and gear encouraged, but not required.

DJs include Gehno Aviance (SF Powerhouse), NeonBunny (Frolic), Lycan Catt, Riyo Shep, Raid Zero, Blue, and MdKai.

VJs Skibbit and MaliePono (Frolic)

$10 cover ($5 with/in costume or gear)

Note: We will have a changing room for fursuiters and those who bring costumes (rather than wear them there). But as space will be limited in the changing room, we're trying something new. When you arrive, if you need access to the changing room, get a wrist band from the door. Only those with wrist bands will have access to the changing room. We are also looking for volunteers who can sit outside the changing room (1 hour shifts) to make sure only people with permission use the changing room. Volunteers will of course get free access to the party! DM NeonBunny if you're available to take a shift!

DJ Schedule:

Front Room:
8:00-9:30 Raid Zero
9:30-11:00 Riyo Shepp
11:00-12:30 NeonBunny
12:30-2:00+ Gehno Sanchez Aviance

Back Room (opens at 9:30)
9:30-11:00 Blue
11:00-12:30 Lycan Catt
12:30-2:00 MdKai

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  1. F8 | 1192 Folsom
    1192 Folsom, San Francisco, CA