GlamCocks Present: Enchantment Under the Sea

Sat Feb 28
F8 | 1192 Folsom
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Calling all mermaids, mermen, and mer-gender-non-conforming-individuals! The GlamCocks are throwing a magical underwater time-traveling prom! Hoverboards don't work on water, but this crazy party is sure to get you wet.

It's 2015, the year Marty McFly traveled to in “the future.” So we're going to pay tribute to the original party in “the past,” GlamCock-style, of course. We're doing Enchantment Under the Sea with all the sequins and glitter we can slap on our fins (or fur in the case of the sea otters). Imagine Ariel takes a lot of acid and meets Tom Daley in the Lost City of Atlantis-Cruises. Okay, now make it gay!

Two dance floors will be blasting dance music of the future, and while we can't promise you, “Earth Angel,” we recommend making out with someone on the dance floor, just in case... as a favor to your potential kids.

And here is our Amazing DJ Lineup!
Front Room:
Brian Maier 10pm - 12am
Justin M Raczak 12am - 2am
Jaykwon Andshit 2am - close

Back Room:
Neonbunny Lapine 11pm - 1am
Everett Wayne 1am - close

As always, we encourage playa-wear, sea creature costumes, and time-traveler drag, but fabulous outfits are not required. We will have the talented Ismael Acosta on hand to do some facepainting again for those who need to look a little extra fishy. All guests arriving by DeLorean will be admitted free.

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  1. F8 | 1192 Folsom
    1192 Folsom, San Francisco, CA