Trainwreck Riders

Passage Walkers (feat. Jesse Micheals of Operation Ivy), Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Mac Nuggits, Apogee Sound Club

Fri May 4, 2012
Rickshaw Stop
$10 - $12


Trainwreck Riders

Trainwreck Riders are a rock 'n' roll country band from San Francisco. It is said that the boys are very influenced by Rob Kerwin's, Steve and Andrew Kerwin's dad, music collection of old timey music and fiddle playing. The bands influences also range from the Meat Puppets to Dinosaur Jr., and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Their music is fast and energetic, yet soft and crooning. Recently, they had the chance to play with the Meat Puppets, but started out playing music with their San Francisco friends Two Gallants on the corner of 16th and Mission. They have played The Treasure Island Music Festival with their fellow San Francisco friends, as well as Modest Mouse, Spoon, and Built to Spill. They have also toured the country numerous times with such bands as The Devil Makes Three, Langhorne Slim and The Black Diamond Heavies. Their first album Where The Neon Turns To Wood was self released in 2004. Their second album, Lonely Road Revival, was released by Alive Records. Their third record was released on Alive Records on May 12, 2009. Entitled The Perch, the album was named after a favorite spot on the California coast where the boys often go for inspiration.

Passage Walkers (feat. Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy)

Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy, Ralph Splight of Victim's Family, and Mick Leonardi play "acoustic country-ish" tunes with a punk edge.

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits

Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits was mightily formed in 1995 in a fast-food parking lot by guitarist Dan Abbott and singer Corbett Redford. The often funny and sometimes scary band built a dangerously loyal following of punks, misfits, elected representatives, perverts and intellectuals, before going on hiatus for the entire tenure of the Bush Administration. In 2009, the band rebuilt its war machine and is once again shocking contemporaries with toe-tapping uncomfortable truths.

Apogee Sound Club

Slanty post-punk from ex-members of The Reaction/Kirby Grips/50 Million.



  1. Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell St, San Francisco, CA