Tom Comitta presents selections from Bill: The Musikill

Wed Nov 30, 2016
7:00pm - 9:00pm
$10 - $15
Art Exhibit, Arts, Musical, Theater
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100 years in the future the sea level has risen, flooding San Francisco’s Financial District. Set inside a downtown “commune” (the future word for “office”), Bill: The Musikill guides the audience through a future in which the tech bubble never bursts, but inflates into the logical conclusion of the utopian tech dream: tech-enabled prosperity, leftist aesthetics and high profit margins.

Through jingles, musical remixes and excessive repetition, the protagonist Bill takes the audience on a tour of the CryOm company, introducing us to employees like Will, Guillermo, Wilhelm and Billiam while describing the many ways one might “Bill a bill from a billet in a building in Bilbao.”

Comitta’s performance is a nod to the histories of sound poetry, a term which the Dadaist Hugo Ball coined 100 years ago, but has evolved into a number of approaches.


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