Hoop the Flow invites you to


The Complete Hoop-Dance Workout & Detox

Sun Jan 6, 2013
Symbolic Dance
11am-1 pm
Dance, Dance Lesson


Begin the new year with a deep tissue movement and dance detox, sweating away the holiday excess and burning through old fear and self-doubt that have made home in the body.
Thunderbolt is a 2-hour guided hoop-dance workout providing a chance to co-create high-impact signature flow, while also refining expressive hoop-dance technique and facilitating a profound body-mind release.
We share, amplify, and embody our New Year resolutions, ponder the value of a lasting commitment to our movement practice, and listen carefully to the intuitive body for signals and guidance.

All levels are welcome and will be guided to complexity according current ability , while also being a part in the collective flow.


  1. Symbolic Dance
    672 South Van Ness , San Francisco, CA