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At the Palace of Fine Arts
By Nirmala Nataraj (Mar 2, 2001)
The 24th annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, the oldest festival in the United States dedicated to the preservation of cross-cultural ethnic dance, will be featuring more than thirty companies in an opulent collection of performances. Divided into three programs, this year's festival will include performances from over twenty nationalities and will take viewers on a journey through classical dance forms from across the globe. More
By Summi Kaipa
By SFS Staff (Mar 2, 2001)
What did I expect when I heard that Kevin Killian's new play, White Rabbit, would be premiering at New Langton Arts? A Temptation Island episode with the likes of Siegfried and Roy, Claudia Schiffer, and Arnold Schwarzenegger sounded like a strange combo for such an otherwise sexually charged show, where the usual candidates are married couples tested by the throes of apparently lusty babes. Well, aside from the suspiciously funny premise of reality television as the plot of this play, Killian's premiere has nothing, thankfully, in common with the melodrama of such a show. More
Preview by Charyn Pfeuffer
By SFS Staff (Mar 2, 2001)
Think you're edgy? 10 days of the area's most audacious theater may just make you think again. Born in Scotland, bred across the States, the Fringe Festival invades downtown San Francisco, from the Financial District to the Mission, in a multi-ring circus of theatrical performances from September 6th through the 16th. This year, 50-plus groups will put on 256 mind-expanding shows, making choosing downright difficult. Lucky for you, no ticket is over $8, and you can get ten tickets for $55 by buying a Frequent Fringer Pass. We've summed up some a few of the must see events for this year's Fringe. More
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