The Wooden Fish Ensemble and Gyeonggi Kayageum Ensemble play Hyo-shin Na's music

Sun Feb 12
Old First Concerts
4 PM
$5 - $20
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Three members of the Wooden Fish Ensemble in San Francisco and six members of the Gyeonggi Kayageum Ensemble from Korea will play nine pieces by Hyo-shin Na and some Korean folk music. The program will include three World Premieres and two US Premieres. This concert will take place at 4PM on February 12, 2017 at Old First Concerts in San Francisco.

- program -

Koto, Piano II for koto (Japanese zither) and piano (2016) - World Premiere
Koto, Bass Koto for koto and bass koto (2016) - World Premiere
Akhmatova's Music for four kayageums (Korean zither) (2016) - US Premiere
Chrysanthemum Song for koto and 25 string kayageum (2012)
Echoes of Harmonious Music for kayageum and koto (2012)
Go On Listening for kayageum and bass koto (2014)
That Old Woman for bass koto and 25 string kayageum (2013)
Kayageum Music (2016) - World Premiere
Night Procession of the Hundred Demons (kayageum ensemble version) for three 25 string kayageums (2008) - US Premiere of the kayageum ensemble version
Korean Folk Songs



  1. Old First Concerts
    1751 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA