The Vent

Sun Mar 17, 2013
Stage Werx


The Vent - SF's Newest Storytelling Series features:

> "The Accidental Cop"
When Doug scores a cheap, rent-controlled apartment in lower Manhattan, he thinks his ship has come in--until he discovers that the building is a 24-hour drug bazaar. Soon pushed to the limit by weeks of all-night noise, he unleashes a sleep-deprived rant at the in-house dealers--which seems to solve the problem! Is it because he earned their grudging respect? Or is something else going on?

> "The Cherry Bomb"
There are things we all take for granted, knowledge that can only be gained from trial and error. This family will learn that sending a hungry 6 year old to softball practice will teach all of them a lesson they weren't prepared for. How will a little girl escape a humiliating situation with her dignity in tact? With a father who drives the escape car and an investigative mother that needs the TRUTH !

> "The Bozo Principle"
Sometimes all it takes to spark a war between family members is a word. One, single, monosyllabic verb, spoken out of context. Amber's mother overheard a young Latin girl utter such a word and nothing was ever the same again. Amber and her mother were at war. This war has raged for close to 15 years. There is no sign of surrender. It will last even to the Great Beyond. From red noses and rainbow wigs to Big Top manipulations and packages sent from "The Big House"...the war of the Clowns rages on.

> "The Wizard of Odds"
Stan discovers he has a very odd "super-power" - he constantly wins random drawings! Then one night this power is put to the test when Stan has to decide between bucking 100-1 odds to win a grand prize worth several thousand dollars, and getting back together with his ex. Exactly like "Sophie's Choice" except no children are involved and the stakes are smaller.

> "Hijab and Hammerpants"
Zahra wears hijab - or at least tries it out, for 8 minutes at the local Blockbuster and against the wishes of her hijab-wearing mother, who would rather Zahra wear hammerpants. She wants Zahra to fit in with the "cool kids" at school and is convinced that a pair of banana yellow hammerpants, circa 1992 will do the trick!

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