Dance Mission Theater's Youth Program Presents

The Revolutionary Nutcracker Sweetie: The Kidz Version

Event has passed (Sat Dec 14, 2013 - Sun Dec 15, 2013)
$15 - $20
Ballet, Dance


Featuring The Grrrl Brigade & Jr. Grrrl Brigade, The Revolutionary Nutcracker Sweetie is a twist on the Nutcracker classic. The Culturally and politically infused storyline includes youth ages 5-18 that inspire us to continue fighting for peace, diversity, and social equality! The story opens in the home of Mr. & Mrs. McGreed (the richest people in town). We go on a journey with Clara (the maid) and Drosselmyer (the rebellious daughter) and discover that what makes us truly rich is following our dreams and creating a global community where all cultures and people can thrive.


Brava! for Women in the Arts!
2781 - 24th Street
San Francisco, CA
Event has passed


  1. Brava! for Women in the Arts!
    2781 - 24th Street, San Francisco, CA