"The Residents"

Photographic Work from the Dickerman Prints Residency Program

Thu Jan 24, 2013
Dickerman Prints
6:00PM to 8:30PM
Art Opening, Arts, Gallery


"THE RESIDENTS" will showcase photographic work from the first session of the Dickerman Prints artist-in-residence program.

Participating artists:

Amanda Boe will be showing the most recent edit of her series "Midwest Meets West." Over the course of her residency, Amanda traveled frequently to the Black Hills region of South Dakota, documenting her brother's relationship to the landscape. Her photographs explore his sense of purpose towards the forests and wild lands he protects as a firefighter, and the changes his environs undergo over time.

Jon McNeal's landscapes open up and unfold in a very immediate, experiential way. Each place seems as familiar as our day-to-day environments, even those that are, in fact, completely alien terrain. Often examining the environments at the margins of our everyday- he shares both scenic and transitional spaces, comparing the formal beauty and societal value of each.

Charles Purvis will be showing his series of striking Polaroid still lives. His photographs highlight natural objects in unnatural arrangements, combining deer antlers and squash, clementine oranges and an armature of cutlery. Charles' unconventional use of the camera involves placing objects inside the camera body to project shadows on and shield exposure from portions of his still lives, lending another layer of line, space, and design to the resulting photographs. His photographs employ an unexpected color palette, owing to his inventive use of Polaroid materials.

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