Marc van Brabant on the wheels of steel presents: the no cover!

The Red Party: A Pre-Valentines Affair

The Dress Up in Red Party of San Francisco

Thu Feb 13, 2014
Raven Bar & Lounge
8PM A pre-valentines Party
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A Raving Red Valentine's Party for people who have a date, who are dating, who are trying to find a date for Friday.

Fun People make other people have FUN!

So people, it is time to look good in Red as that is the attire preferred for this party, plus if you RSVP and show up gallantly in the colour of the evening there will be no cover.

The best dressed person in RED will win a 750 ML bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial. This fine Champagne from Epernay, France scores high in the 90's wine reviews plus your date will be impressed!

Plus there will be a game to score free drinks!
Every Lady will get a red card at the front door
Every Gentleman will get a black card at the front door

Then the search wil start.
Spades will look for their counterpart in Hearts
Clubs wil look for their counterpart in Diamonds!
So a 10 of Spades meets a 10 of hearts!
When you find each other:
First couple to hit the dance floor and hold the matching cards up in the air will each win a RED Cocktail!

First couple to Kiss and hold their matching cards will win a couple of cocktails as well!

Switching of Cards is allowed, Switching from red to black is allowed as well as this is San Francisco :)

Let the Love Games Begin under the pretense of

With no further explanation needed, come join us for our Pre-Valentines Party and put on your RED shoes and dance the blues away.

* Volunteers always needed
* Please share the invite with your firends
* You deserve to be loved so wear red!

The Masters of Music:

DJ Playdoughboy
DJ Philty
DJ Marc van Brabant

Greetings and Ciao Bellas and Bellos


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  1. Raven Bar & Lounge
    1151 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA