The Nein, The Spores

Fri May 27, 2005
Thee Parkside
9 PM
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"Armed with the taut precision of vintage Wire and the arty antagonism of Sonic Youth, the Nein dispenses with any niceties and instead goes about the very serious business of melting your stereo equipment ... Welcome the new combat rock."
-Jonathan Garrett, Creative Loafing Atlanta

"The Nein have a special gift: the ability to play the music that they want to, but rather than sounding like a random mix-tape, they do so with a signature sound that only they could produce."
- Nik Kirincic, The Peak, Simon Fraser U, Burnaby BC

"if this little record is any indication, then their forthcoming full-length debut Wrath of Circuits will be an impressive record" - Joseph Kyle,

"an instantly likeable mix of pissed off and charming, that is challenging at every turn"
- Matt Charlton, The Coast, Halifax NS

"Filled with a hefty serving of angular goodness, the American trio unleash half a dozen explosive tracks that would satisfy the palette of any discerning music lover."
- Shawn Despres, (Japan)

"The Nein gives enough of a damn about this country to include their concerns within the music itself. This is why we should resist the urge to pass The Nein off as just another contributor to the '80s revival movement. Sure, the influences are there, but they're not singing about go-go dancers and going out on the town. Kids, this isn't Franz Ferdinand. Adults, this isn't Duran Duran. And The Nein isn't trying to alienate you. They're warning you."
- Dave Dierksen,


  1. Thee Parkside
    1600 17th St, San Francisco, CA