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Don Reed's The Kipling Hotel: True Misadventures of the Electric Pink '80's

Reed's East 14th chronicled the 70's - and now it's his true misadventures through the 80's. As the awkward son of a pimp struggled through college, he tried being a stripper and a gigolo -- but he ended up serving breakfast at an unforgettable retirement hotel full of the elderly, drifters, drug addicted actors and… scrambled eggs.

Don Reed, a San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Nominee and NAACP Double Nominee for Best Actor & Best Playwright, is the writer, director and playwright of one of the longest running solo shows in Bay Area History – his highly regarded EAST 14th, which closed at The Marsh after a two-and-a-half year run earlier this year. THE KIPLING HOTEL picks up where the earlier show left off. Leaving behind his somewhat irregular childhood (his stepfather was a Jehovah’s Witness but his real father was a pimp), Reed leaves Oakland in 1981 and heads off to LA where his student lifestyle leads to another fistful of hilarious and moving short stories, woven together to form the stand-alone second act of this most unconventional of coming-of-age stories.

Previews: $15-$35 sliding scale
Run: $20-$35 sliding scale, $50 Reserved Seating
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The Marsh Theatre - Berkeley
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Berkeley, CA
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