Time for some Angelic go-go fun!

The Devil-Ettes Get Saved!

Featuring bands, "Smile God Loves You" and "Nights of the New Crusade"

Thu Sep 8, 2005
Make-Out Room
Thursday September 8th, 2005-doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm


The Devil-Ettes (www.devilettes.com ) are known for their sassy devilish ways but what happens when they meet 2 bands who have met Salvation? Expect the usual sassy devil dances, prizes, and amazing Go Go Gospel music spun by DJ Holy Ghost. Church of the Sub Genius Reverend Hal will BLESS the event, She-Bible (www.she-bible.com) hipster clothing will provide the prizes and garage rockers Smile God Loves You and Knights of the New Crusade (http://www.crusadenow.com/) will provide the LIVE tunes! PRIZE for BEST angel or devil costume! Special commemorative poster by CHUCK SPERRY will be available!

Sassy, sultry yet utterly All-American, The DEVIL-ETTES provide good clean fun for kids of all ages!! They've set a reputation for their wickedly good shows that set the fringe a flyin' on their trademark matching costumes. You've got to see it to believe it!


  1. Make-Out Room
    3225 22nd St, San Francisco, CA