The Black Rider

Direction, Design, and Lighting by Robert Wilson, Music and Lyrics by Tom Waits

Event has passed (Thu Aug 26, 2004 - Sun Sep 26, 2004)
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What do you get when maverick director Robert Wilson, music legend Tom Waits, and literary rebel William Burroughs put their heads together to create a music theater piece? An entirely new—and uniquely American—form of theater. In The Black Rider, these modern visionaries have given us a theatrical wonderland, a musical fable of love, evil, and human folly steeped in the folklore of the past and bursting with the art of the future. When Wilhelm, an intellectual young clerk, must learn to hunt in order to marry his true love, a woodsman's daughter, he strikes a deal with the devil for magic bullets that never miss their mark. But in the Expressionist-influenced world of The Black Rider, nothing is what it seems: the devil sings, animals talk, the walls become woods, and bullets have a mind of their own.

A.C.T.'s production of The Black Rider is the first major work staged in San Francisco by Robert Wilson, a world-renowned artist of unparalleled creativity known for his unconventional, multidisciplinary theater works (including Einstein on the Beach, which he created with composer Philip Glass). A coproduction with Cultural Industry (the creators of Shockheaded Peter) and London's Barbican Theatre, The Black Rider will feature chanteuse/muse Marianne Faithfull and Matt McGrath. A.C.T. is thrilled to present to you the towering theatrical experience declared by TIME magazine to be "marvelously unclassifiable…a triumph!"


American Conservatory Theater - Geary Theater
415 Geary St
San Francisco, CA
Event has passed



  1. American Conservatory Theater - Geary Theater
    415 Geary St, San Francisco, CA